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Chmical name:S-Adenosyl-L-methionine

Appearance Almost white powder
Identification 1.Chemical reaction
                     2.IR:consistent with the spectrum obtained with RS
                     3.The retention time of a major peak meets requirement
Acid value 1.0-2.0
Clarity and color   Not more intensely colored than RS Y1
Water   2.5%max
Residue on ignition   0.3%max
Heavy metals   10ppmmax
Endotoxin   0.3EU/mg max
Microbiological   Should meet the requirement
S-adenosyl-L-Homocystein   0.5%max
Methithioadenosine   2.0%max
Adenine   0.5%max
(S,S)Isomer   62.0%min
Butanedisulfonate   46.0-49.0%(base on dried)
Ademetionine   50.0-53.0%(base on dried)
Total content    99.0%min