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Vulcanizing agent DTDC

Product name:Caprolactamdisulfide

Empirical formula:C12H20N2O2S2

Molecular weight:288.43



Caprolactamdisulfide is a not discolouring sulfur donor for natural and synthetic rubber and latex, especially for low sulfur vulcanization,salt bath vulcanization,injection moulding and for vulcanization of thick-walled providess mono-and di-sulfur bridges which are more stable than those formed by elemental sulfur.

In contrast to other sulfur donors caprolactamdisulfide does not form nitrosamines which can cause cancer and is thus a very safe rubber additive

Packing: 20kg/paper-plastic composite bag



Appearance:White to yellwish powder

Melting area≥120℃

Heat loss at 60 ℃≤0.5

Ash at 900 ℃≤0.5

Mesh residue(150um)≤0.1